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Short Term Small Business Goals to Set Right Now

Short Term Small Business Goals to Set Right Now

Would you believe that more than 80% of SMB owners don’t set measurable goals? Running a business without goals is like running a race with no finish line - it’s easy to stray off course and hard to know when you’ve achieved something.

Goals give us something to work towards, but they need to be clearly defined to keep it all in perspective. Starting with a series of small goals will not only help you attain long term success, but give you a reason to celebrate along the way. The little victories really do make all the difference.

7 Easily Measurable Goals to Set Today

1. Increase sales

Start modest, a 5% annual increase for example. Remember that a series of small goals can lead you to a bigger one. These 14 proven strategies should get you off to a great start.

2. Set Preferred Profit Margins

As with improving sales, you’ll want to start small, these changes can’t happen overnight. Keep the 5 myths about profit margins in mind when setting your goal.

3. Increase Customer Retention

A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profitability by 75%. If you notice customers aren’t coming back, ask yourself these 6 questions.

4. Lower Operating Costs

It’s not easy to lower operating costs without sacrificing the quality of your product or service. Thankfully, QuickBooks put together 8 Ways to Reduce Operating Costs so you can keep your top-notch offerings intact.

5. Boost Online Traffic

Optimizing your online presence can be a full-time job, especially with everything moving as fast as it does today. These 27 Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2018 will make navigating the online space a reality.

6. Add New Offerings

If adding a new product or service to your offerings makes sense for your business, it could be a great way to boost sales and keep customers happy.

7. Expand Your Business

While growing your business is a goal, physical expanding is a milestone. If you’re able to knock the previous 6 goals off your list, this one can easily follow suit.

Stay on Target

Setting goals is only half the battle. 40% of people who set goals write them down but don’t check in on them. Don’t be one of these people. If you don’t stay on top of them, there’s almost no point in creating them in the first place.

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