The Resources Your Female-Led Business Has Been Looking For

The Resources Your Female-Led Business Has Been Looking For

The Resources Your Female-Led Business Has Been Looking For

It’s 2018, being a successful business owner shouldn’t depend on your gender – but it does. Female entrepreneurs are faced with hurdles all along their entrepreneurial journeys. Unfortunately, resources to help businesswomen in Canada are lacking and securing working capital is difficult. The ecosystem is still growing; if you know where to look, the support is out there.

Where should I look?

Our partner Mompreneur is one of the largest resources in Canada. It was created to support, educate and empower women in business. There is a wealth of content on their website ranging from accounting & finance tips to branding & marketing ideas and family & lifestyle. The community is vast, there’s bound to be someone else out there who has faced the same challenges as you.

The Canadian government has also put together a great list of resources that deserves a few minutes of your time.

Where can I find business financing?

Although women in Canada now represent 47% of Canadian business owners and contribute $148 billion in economic activity, they receive less than 16% of all venture capital funding, yet companies with women in leadership roles outperform their male counterparts by 15%.

If you’re in the STEM industry, we have a great opportunity for you. Evolocity has partnered with Startup Canada to launch the Women Founders Fund. The fund provides grants to women-led companies in Canada to help them start, or grow, their business. Applications close on August 31st so move quickly!

Evolocity is one of the biggest alternative lenders in Canada and a great place to start to see how much funding is available for your business. You can get a quote right here.  Since our programs are only available to businesses that have been in operation for at least 6 months, if you’re looking for funds to start your business, the BDC might be a great fit.

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