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Online Lending and Your Security

Online Lending and Your Security

Should you be worried about the security of your personal information?

Last month we discussed how to keep your small business secure. Security and privacy are not only on the minds of business owners when it comes to their systems but when it comes to where they share their information as well. As an Internet business loan provider, we deal with security questions frequently, as merchants are sharing financial and personal documents directly through our online loan application form. Some merchants are hesitant to take advantage of any online financial services due to worries about these issues. In the next few minutes let’s clear this up and give you a behind the scenes look at what Evolocity does to keep your information safe and secure.

Let’s Talk Security

First and foremost, Evolocity understands that the data uploaded to our systems is often highly sensitive. We have partnered with DigiCert to ensure the highest quality of protection. As Google puts it, “DigiCert is a trusted third party, DigiCert verifies the authenticity of secure websites on behalf of a web browser for the purpose of preventing online phishing scams.” As explained in our Privacy Policy: “Evolocity takes the security of your information very seriously. Evolocity protects your information using bank-level data security: 256 bit-encryption and a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This creates an encrypted connection between your browser and our servers. All information remains encrypted at all times.”

Example of Evolocity's SSL connection for Security blog

It’s great to know that we use it but even more importantly, it is important you know how to identify websites that are secure.

Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Verify that the URL starts with https:// as opposed to just http://
  • If the URL does indeed start with https:// there should be a padlock icon to the left of it. As you can see in the image below, by clicking on the padlock, the security verification information pops up.

example of Evolocity's privacy connection for Security blog

  • Look for a verification badge, like the one below. By clicking on the badge you will be redirected to DigiCert where the site’s credentials are displayed.


Let’s Talk Privacy

The security section covers how we inhibit all outsiders from getting your information, but what about those within the company? The information from merchants we’re considering extending loans to needs to be analyzed. That being said, only the employees who need to access this data in order to provide funding have access to it. The majority of this data is stored on Each employee has their own account on Salesforce and each account has very specific permissions based on the user’s role. This means our underwriting team can look at your bank statements but marketing cannot. At no point of the process do Evolocity employees have access to change, edit or modify bank information and they can’t view your banking username or password. This login information is never stored as it passes through a system called Decision Logic that has its own security and privacy policies in addition to the ones already imposed by Evolocity.

Online security and privacy are often accompanied by confusion and uncertainty in the minds of business owners. Our hope is that having seen the lengths websites and companies go to protect your data will ease those thoughts. The truth is, the threats are out there but by being knowledgeable and safe you can put your trust in companies that are taking the necessary precautions to protecting your data.


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