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Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


Over the last decade, even the last few years, mobile marketing has become increasingly important. Its growth has been exponential and marketers couldn’t be happier to have another channel to help deliver their messages quickly and effectively to potential customers. Mobile marketing isn’t reserved for the big players like some other mediums; small businesses can get in on the action too. Let’s take a look at how mobile marketing has erupted as of late and how your business can make the best of it.

The Mobile Explosion

It is no surprise to anyone that the use of mobile devices is increasing in Canada. What is surprising is by how much, and how quickly. According to, in 2014 55% of Canadians owned a smartphone. This number jumped to 68% in 2015. This represents a 24% year-over-year growth rate.

Great, people are buying smartphones, but are they who you’re looking to target? Chances are yes, they are. The 35-44 year old age group has remained strong over the past few years and we have seen tremendous growth in the 45-54 and 25-34 age groups. Mobile is without a doubt more important than ever.

How Can I Market on Mobile?

Mobile marketing is all about being able to reach customers wherever they are, quickly and directly. Let’s quickly go over a few ways you can easily put mobile marketing into action for your small business.

Mobile Friendly Site

This is probably the most important of the bunch. Customers expect to be able to do their research from whenever they are and if you can’t provide them with a website with top notch user experience they will flock to the competition. In addition, Google has changed their ranking algorithms and without having a site that is mobile friendly, good luck showing up in the results.

Ask Customers to Check-In

This one is simple and likely requires little setup time on your end. When customers visit your location and share it with their networks, your business receives great exposure. This can be done on platforms such as Facebook or Foursquare. Sometimes your customers may need a push in the right direction so reward them accordingly. It can be as simple as a free coffee, 10% discount, etc.

SMS Marketing

SMS, or texting as it’s often referred to as, is a great way to get in touch with customers. What’s great about SMS is the recipient does not need a smart phone, just one that receives SMS. In addition to this, there is very little clutter in this space so visibility for your message is great.

QR Codes

QR, short for quick response, is a quick and easy way to get customers information. The small barcode like design is scanned by a smart phone which then leads the customer to the data you want them to see. This can be a landing page, application, newsletter signup…you name it.

Mobile Customer Service

Customers like knowing they are being taken care of. Now, with mobile, this can be done from anywhere. At Evolocity, we use Zopim, a “click-to-chat” application. Our customers can connect to our customer service representatives without picking up a phone or even sending an email. The idea here is very much in line with mobile marketing as a whole, it’s quick and painless.

Location Marketing

Location marketing works on one simple principle, getting in touch at the right time at the right place. With GPS technology and beacon technology, marketers can now connect to customers based on their geographic location. For instance, if they are in aisle 3, let them know about specials on cereals or if they are walking by your restaurant, they can be notified of the daily special.

How can Evolocity help finance these types of marketing investments?

Some mobile marketing techniques can be done for free while others come with a cost. This is where Evolocity can step in to help. When you have your plan of action but not the extra cash flow to devote to the additional project, a small business loan or a cash advance is a perfect solution.

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