6 Reasons to change the way you manage your website

6 Reasons you need to change the way you manage your company website

6 Reasons you need to change the way you manage your company website

It’s time to change the way you manage your company website

One of the most common issues with websites today is that the “build it and forget it” mentality of the mid 90s is still fairly prevalent. Sadly, many businesses still think all they need to do for an effective website is to copy/paste the content from a company brochure, choose a few cliché stock photos, slap a logo on it and leave it for next few years. That is definitely not the case anymore. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to start thinking about the strategy behind how you manage your company website, because it could be costing you.

Top 6 reasons to change how you manage your company website

1. Your customers will actually be able to find you

There’s not a whole lot of action on the web these days that doesn’t begin with Google search. Many search engines’ algorithms favour websites that have freshly updated content on their site, so if you can’t remember the last time you made an update; you’re probably not ranking very well in search engine results. Why is that a problem? Well, you’re missing out – plain and simple. If your customers are out there surfing the web, actively searching for something you offer but can’t find your site, chances are high that they won’t be buying it from you, but from your competitors.

2.Your customers will be able to view your site, anytime & anywhere

What’s just as important as your customers finding your website? Your customers seeing your website. Technology has changed and new devices have entered the online mix, like mobile phones and tablets. Mobile Internet use is skyrocketing and Google’s algorithm actually favours mobile-friendly sites now, not to mention 72% of consumers prefer mobile-friendly sites. Your best bet is updating your site to be responsive; that means it will resize itself depending on the device it’s being viewed on. Keep in mind; patience is not a virtue in the online space. If outdated technology like Flash impedes your site’s visibility on mobile devices or if your site loads too slowly – you will lose the interest of your audience, guaranteed.

3. You’ll be able to measure how your site is performing

If your website is on the older side, chances are you don’t have any sort of web analytics tracking set up. Tools like Google Analytics (it’s free!) takes a little time to get set up but it is well worth it. You’ll be able to track everything from how many people are coming to your site on a given day, which pages or products are most popular, and how many of your customers are converting. Tracking the effectiveness of your website is a must.

4. Chances are you didn’t get right the first time

Your business vision has surely evolved over time, likely based on experiences, feedback, and trial and error. Your business has evolved and so your website needs to evolve too. When you first launched your site, you likely had an idea of what your customers needed and how they would be most likely to navigate your site and consume your content. Based on what you now know about your clients, that’s probably changed and so your site needs to be tweaked accordingly.

5. You’ll be more secure

We’ve discussed website security in depth on our blog already so we won’t spend too much time on it here. Basically, hacks can happen to both old and new websites but newer websites tend to be better protected as a rule.  Online security and properly protecting your customer data really are some of the most important things to consider when you’re strategizing on how to better manage your company website.

6. You’ll be the ultimate (web)master of your domain

We already know what you’re thinking: “Update my website myself? Do I look like a web designer/developer to you?”. No, and the beauty of a CMS is you don’t have to be. CMS stands for Content Management System and it’s a very common type of website these days. A CMS like WordPress allows you to update your site yourself without having to know any code. You can change your site’s copy, build landing pages for new products & services, and swap in new photos easily with a CMS. Tip: one simple way to update your site regularly is to start blogging about topics that will interest your customers and tie into your business. A CMS will completely change how you manage your company website, for the better.

We understand that you probably have your own reasons for not updating your website more regularly; it costs money, it takes time, and technology is always changing after all. Whatever your reasons, having a regularly updated website is well worth it for many more reasons than the one’s we’ve listed here. Put your website to work for you, you won’t regret it!

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