6 Questions to Ask When Customers Stop Coming Back

6 Questions to Ask When Customers Stop Coming Back

6 Questions to Ask When Customers Stop Coming Back

The importance of repeat customers

Did you know that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase profitability by 75%? With knowledge like this, customer retention isn’t something small businesses can ignore. If you notice customers aren’t coming back, it’s time to make your relationship with them priority #1. By asking yourself these 6 questions and improving on your weaknesses, you’ll get them coming back for years.

1. When did my customers start leaving?

If you can pinpoint when customers started leaving, it makes finding the cause that much easier.

As yourself:

  • Were there external factors that led to it?
  • Did my prices change?
  • Have I hired new employees?
  • Did I cut my marketing budget?

2. What are my competitors doing?

It’s possible customers are flocking to the competition. But why?

Ask yourself:

  • Are they offering lower prices?
  • Do they have easier checkout processes?
  • Are their products superior?

3. How Is my customer service?

When customers leave happy, they come back. When they leave unhappy, 90% of them will go to a competitor. There’s no question customer service is extremely important – so how are you performing?

Ask yourself:

  • How long does it take to satisfy a customer?
  • Am I receiving complaints?
  • Are all my employees trained?
  • Are there newer technologies or systems that could expedite the sales process?

4. What are people saying about my business?

Word of mouth is crucial for small businesses, in fact, 92% of consumers trust word of mouth recommendations from family and friends above all.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I getting customer feedback in person?
  • What are people saying about my business online?
  • Do I have strong brand ambassadors?

5. What value am I offering my customers?

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes - figure out what they value most.

Ask yourself:

  • What brings them back to my business?
  • How do I reward loyal customers?
  • Should I create a loyalty program?

6. Am I still in touch with my customers?

Stay top of mind - don’t let your customers forget you’re thinking about them.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I communicating with customers enough?
  • Are my advertising methods out of date?
  • When was the last time I updated the website?


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